• Are you a business that wants to implement Salesforce for 5-20 users?

  • Will you be running an Enterprise or Unlimited org?

  • Have you got a business case that you need design help with designing your Salesforce system to handle?


I’m passionate about providing low-code solutions on the Salesforce platform, and have done so with dozens of businesses, big and small. I’m currently in the process of building out this website to showcase the power of creating business solutions with Salesforce, and am looking at ways to create relevant content.

That’s why I’m offering free design consultations to small and medium sized businesses who are interested in using Salesforce to power their businesses. All I ask is that I can write about your use case and the solutions I come up with.

So you answered YES to the questions above? Send me an email using the form below to see if I can help you with a free Salesforce consultation.


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